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Task force of the security department

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- The task force was formed to strengthen the protection of the natural complexes and facilities of the Taganay national park and control compliance with the established regime and other requirements of environmental legislation (by order of the director No. 210 of 18.11.2015),

- the composition of the operational group - 7 people;

- the average age is 37 years;

- have a higher education - 4 people. (including: forestry - 1 person, legal - 2 people, economic - 1 person);

- have an incomplete higher forest education - 2 people. (4th year students of the Ural State Forestry University);

- all the employees of the operational group have a driver's category "B", a certificate of a tractor driver, a permit to carry and store service firearms;

- have experience of participating in combat operations (counter-terrorist operations) - 3 people;

- trained for the head of extinguishing forest fires - 2 people;

- trained for heads of extinguishing large forest fires - 2 people.