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Introduction of innovative tools and methods

You were there?

Training of employees of the security department on work on special fire equipment and equipment with the involvement of fire protection specialists;

Technical training with the involvement of specialists and experts: in administrative law, in medical, fire-fighting, tactical-special, field and mountain training, in safety engineering;

In order to control the organization of work, additional accounts have been introduced: accounting of planned (raid) tasks; registration of acts of road inspections; accounting for the use of photo traps, accounting training sessions, accounting of technical applications and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Formed a photo and video bank: violations of the regime (data from patrols from registrars), information from photo traps, documentation of biotechnical measures, photos of firefighting equipment on the territory, fighting with forest fires.

Implementation of a GIS-system with multi-layer mapping (patrol traffic, biotechnology, billboards, Points of concentration of fire fighting equipment, fire reservoirs, infrastructure, offenses and crimes, GHS and adjacent territories);

The use of new models of photo traps "Spromise S128", able to work in extreme conditions for a long time and with the appropriate quality;

Use of personal video recorders "Seelock Inspector A-1", easy to handle, with a high-quality image when documenting offenses with subsequent archiving and, if necessary, providing supervisory and judicial authorities.