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Additional measures to ensure the protection regime

You were there?

- Monthly participation with the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs (RMIA) in preventive operations and joint patrolling.

- Attraction of duty parts of the RMIA and traffic police to establish the reliability of the data provided by violators, identify the perpetrators and owners of vehicles in the preparation of protocols and conduct investigations.

- The introduction of the practice of bringing violators to the territorial RMIA for identification, as well as in case of committing offenses and crimes.

- 24-hour work of the operative on duty in the park was organized to provide round-the-clock radiotelephone communication with shelters, emergency services and management;

- System monitoring of social networks was organized to identify violations of the regime with subsequent documentation of them;

- New forms of warning banners, their placement on the territory, introduction of geolocation data from the navigator into the GIS-system are introduced;

- Formed operational accounting with subsequent archiving (photo and video bank, information on violators convicted and prone to commit crimes and offenses).