Забронировать - выбор приюта

Recommendations for equipment

You were there?

Personal equipment

1. Backpack (not less than 15 - 25 liters)

2. Mini-mat for sitting

3. Personal things

- Hygienic lipstick

- Insect repellent

- Remedy for ticks

- MSBK (mug-spoon-bowl-knife), a pot

- Flashlight (better headband) and spare batteries

- First aid kit (bandage, plasters, zelenka, iodine, ointment "Spasatel" from burns, streptocide, headache, stomach and other types of painkillers, cure for allergies, medications from personal diseases, etc.)

4. Clothing:

- Pants (dense and strong)

- A warm sweater

- Socks, spare pairs (by season)

- Jacket (seasonal)

- Cloak / Cape of the Rain

- Light headwear (summer period)

- Warm hat

- Gloves

5. Footwear:

- Strong firm comfortable shoes with a low-slip soles for trekking

- high boots (by weather)