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What to visit?

A souvenir shop is located on the central estate in the Visit Center. Here you can find souvenirs with the park's logo from the magnet with the image of the peaks you conquered, to the cold weapons of the masters of Zlatoust.


The Nature Museum "Taganay" is located on the territory of Taganay Forestry and occupies a small area of ​​62 m². Despite its compactness, it is very cozy. At the entrance you are greeted by a 13-year-old handsome moose, with which she gets very original.

In the mineralogy room, more than 70 Taganay minerals and rocks are represented, among them - gemstones from the garnet group, amethyst, beryl, zircon, etc. (Akhmatovo spear); a sample of aventurine - Taganayt from the Great Stone River, one of the main stones of the park, which almost all the Taganay mountains are composed, there are also samples of iron and copper ores that were mined in the park by the Tula merchants Mosolovs who built the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant in 1754.

In one of the show-windows of the hall - the space "alien" - one of the numerous fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite with the age of 3 ml.700 thousand years, donated by the employees of the Ilmensky reserve, whereas the Taganaya rocks represented in the museum are from 1.5 billion years old.

The paintings made by the artist O. Fefelova will tell you what Taganay was from the Archaean (1.5 billion years ago) to this day ...

In the biosphere hall you can see stuffed forest inhabitants of the park: bear, lynx, fox, beaver, badger, squirrel, ringdove , goshawk, capercaillie and others, learn about their way of life and habits.

In the interiors of the show-windows are presented all the vegetation zones of the Taganai ranges from mixed forests to mountain tundra.

A fragment of a mammoth's tooth, found by E.Simonov in the vicinity of the city of Miass and donated to the Nature Museum, makes us believe that tens of thousands of years ago these majestic animals also walked around our Taganay spaces ...

 To find out on the trail of what kind of animal you are walking along the Taganay trails, the showcase "Traces of the livelihoods of animals" will help you.

Come to us, fox, rabbit and guide will be glad to see you!

Information by phone: 8-912-32-88-962, or 8 (3513) 66-33-33, the Department of Tourism

The mode of operation of the Museum of Nature:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 09 to 18 hours.

Saturday, Sunday from 10 to 18 hours.

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Entrance - 20 rubles / person.

Excursion: 60 rubles - an adult, 40 rubles. - students / pupils