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Feed the birds!

You were there?

Regulations for the Volunteering campaign "Feed the birds!"


Feeding is carried out once a day on a schedule at the same time (from 10-00 to 13.00 hours).

To take part in the promotion you need:


Step 1. Send an application in the form indicated to the e-mail address: beber@taganay.org

Application form for participation in the Action:


Number of persons:


Contact information (phone):

Planned date of visit (day, month):

Planned time of arrival to the Central Manor:

Step 2. At the designated day and hour, arrive at the Museum of Nature (the territory of the Central Manor) where an excursion will be held for the participants. (In case of impossibility to arrive, notify in advance).

Step 3. Get a special kit from the Museum of Nature guide (bird food, instructions, layout of feeders).

Step 4. Visit the feeding troughs indicated on the map and replenish them with the contents from the special kit. The number of feeders is 8. The total length of the track is 3.5 km.

Step 5. Make a photo report. Send photos to the email address beber@taganay.org and / or put in VK group with a hashtag #подкормитептиц  #feed_a_bird (vk.com/fgby_np_taganay)

Step 6. After completing the assignment, return to the Museum of Nature and receive a gift from the Taganay National Park. (One feeding is one gift).


You can participate in the action many times.

On April 1, on International Bird Day, the campaign "Feed the birds!" Finishes. This day will be the last feeding in the winter season.



April 1, the International Day of Birds, in the Central Manor of the National Park "Taganay" will be the last feeding in the winter season.

After that we invite our friends - all the participants of the action (children and adults) to visit the children's ecological and educational center "Taganay", which is located on the territory of the Central Manor.

You are waiting for an entertaining quiz, a master class and a tea party.


Information on the phone +7 904-94-332-39 (Catherine)