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Department of Tourism and Infrastructure

You were there?

The national park "Taganay" is a well-known tourist brand of the Chelyabinsk region. Unique mountain massifs and taiga attract more and more visitors of different ages every year.

Today, the Tourism and Infrastructure Department is working to reduce the negative impact on the environment by creating conditions for organized tourism


 One of the main tasks of the department are:

- organization and development of regulated tourism and recreation in the national park;

- the creation and equipment of ecological paths, museums, visitor centers and information points for visitors.


    The Department of Tourism offers its guests:

- excursion services

- Reception and accommodation of visitors in guesthouses on shelters and cordons of the park;

- Rent of picnic points

- delivery of goods to shelters and cordons of the park;

- Services of guarded parking.

- Souvenir products with the National Park logo


    In the development plans of the Department: improvement of the conditions for the accommodation of visitors, arrangement of the trail network and observation platforms, organization of the rental of tourist equipment.